Thursday, June 10, 2010


Solution... become a bird.
Yellow bellied sparrows flit across my room
I'm taught to fly in the swirling pattern
yes, this solution fits nicely.
No one can find me if I'm just another bird

Just another bird...

The only place I know is South
Unexplored miracles are North, so northbound I go.
These northern lights are blinding
but I'm prompted to hold fast
gales of unwanted advice swinging me left and right.
Simple enough... listen to my heart.
problem is, my heart is miles away
and soon enough a letter will call it away entirely.

Dizzying new rooms full of people
but mostly faces with displaced bodies.
They pat me on the back and smile
a twisted medley of oil and reality.
The elephant in the room is me
I should try and fly
but I will destroy the delicate flowers
so hopefully set before me.

People should know better than to entrust
hope with an impatient sparrow.

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