Thursday, June 10, 2010


Solution... become a bird.
Yellow bellied sparrows flit across my room
I'm taught to fly in the swirling pattern
yes, this solution fits nicely.
No one can find me if I'm just another bird

Just another bird...

The only place I know is South
Unexplored miracles are North, so northbound I go.
These northern lights are blinding
but I'm prompted to hold fast
gales of unwanted advice swinging me left and right.
Simple enough... listen to my heart.
problem is, my heart is miles away
and soon enough a letter will call it away entirely.

Dizzying new rooms full of people
but mostly faces with displaced bodies.
They pat me on the back and smile
a twisted medley of oil and reality.
The elephant in the room is me
I should try and fly
but I will destroy the delicate flowers
so hopefully set before me.

People should know better than to entrust
hope with an impatient sparrow.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Good Morning

I think she woke on the morning that sleep failed her. Always an extreme sort, constantly calling for more excitement, more adventure, more
danger. Danger would be found in the many times she let her heart go to an unworthy suitor. Adventure in chasing after her endangered heart... and
excitement in the release of all foreboding. Her soul knew that it would one day end, but how was another question entirely.

Her father was always there in a sense. He was good for his steadfast beliefs and determination to better his career. However, determination failed bringing much confusion and distress to his family. One could say his faults were the end of her mother, the end of her step-mother, the end of her faith in man as a provider. Every failure was another tick on her calendar of dreams to be forgotten.

Her mother was easily the eccentric hippie with freedom on her mind and forever embodying her heart. Four husbands and five kids later the girl's mother could still be found daydreaming in her green room. The mother's paintings reminiscent of a fairytale married with a nightmare. She could see in her mother's eyes that friendship was the only steadfast agreement the girl could hope for. One day her mother would fly away, of that she was sure.

She could only dream that her parent's faults would escape her and she would lead a life free of misfortunes. She also knew that this life is a mortal one and dreams can only be played out under heavy eyelids and light music. If only her imagination could have run wild with her... long strands of hair trailing behind her naked feat. If only the righteous suitor could have been waiting at the end of the meadow, waiting to capture her dancing limbs in strong arms.. never to let go. If only "if" wasn't a word.

The revelation came upon her the morning sleep failed her. The extreme nature of her heart, the adventurous turns in her life, the escape from her
parent's undoings, the release of a nightmare... it all lies in the wind blowing through her meadow, swirling through the neon flowers, drifting up and
around the right one to capture her fleeting heart...You.